Defense and Security

ITLink is the catalyst for change in the Defense and Security community, helping our clients to transform performance and to achieve a safer world. ITLink Defense and Security includes application of research and development and in the development, production and sustainment of goods, technology, and services used in military, paramilitary, first responder or security applications. Years of experience delivering defense and security-related assignments, we have a deep understanding of the complexity and volatile security challenges facing the sector and a heritage of innovation and technology-enabled changes.  Therefore our clients recognize ITLink as a leading strategic advisor and delivery partner.

We combine unrivaled sector insight with specialist expertise drawn from different industries and geographies. This means the solutions we develop are both innovative and pragmatic.

Whether you operate in the public or private sector, we can help to:
  • Increase the contribution of defense to national prosperity
  • Strengthen national security to protect the public and save lives
  • Promote innovation to maintain operational advantage
  • Deliver greater productivity from the available resources
  • Increase revenue, reduce costs and improve program performance