Financial & Banking

As we all recognize, progression is hard to find, revenue is under extreme pressure, and the cost of doing business continues to increase. Four forces are shaping this reality: the economic climate, with high levels of unemployment, low interest rates, and a feeble housing market; consumers, who are borrowing less; regulators, who are both curbing fee-based income and increasing the cost of compliance, and technology, which is enabling nontraditional, low-priced competitors in areas such as payments. Financial services companies compete in a flat world where, more than ever before, competitors are intense, customers are savvier and the market place is less forgiving. Banks, stock exchange, investment and capital markets companies must perform at the highest levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders. We help move clients forward in every part of their businesses with our expertise in financial services consulting, technology and outsourcing.

ITLink offers a broad range of services to private clients, small businesses, and institutions and corporations, organizing its activities into two interrelated business segments – Global Markets & Investment Banking and Global Wealth Management, which is comprised of Global Private Client and Global Investment Management. ITLink’s Finance Advisory Solution can help balance the strategic and transaction activities of your finance organization. ITLink has in-depth expertise in quality strategy, compliance needs for financial industries. Our Services and Solutions are designed to meet the expectations of our customers by delivering high quality results in a cost-effective manner. We leverage our onsite/offshore resourcing model to maximize your investment.

  • Develop a finance organization strategy that links to your enterprise strategy, prioritizing the focus points for finance
  • Introduce a fresh approach to financial analysis, finance processes, and enterprise decision-making
  • Manage ongoing shifts in risk and compliance management and regulatory requirements
  • Select and implement technology systems and tools to run processes and provide greater visibility and insight into your financial data