Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

From patient’s medical Healthcare & Pharmaceuticalrecords to hospital administration to pharmaceutical databases, the diverse medical community depends on a board range of healthcare database software products to manage complex administrative, operational, clinical and patient-based processes. ITLink offers e-business solutions and application maintenance services to leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our experience includes working with clinical trials systems, lab information systems, bioinformatics, biomedical, and genetic solution design. Together with our partners, we offer a range of services that include application development, system integration and implementation, e-business consulting, facilitating contract research. With the huge amount of technological transformation these days, medical industry is experiencing a rapid change with constant developments across medical technologies. We are equipped with extensive research & highly skilled software professionals, who keep pace with the fast-evolving health care domain, and provide the best health care application development thus reducing the medical error percentage. We also offer solutions to help health care organizations lower their IT and system costs while meeting customer expectations. We enable our customers to re-engineer their systems using advance techniques, thus aligning their business with emerging business technologies. We have in-depth experience in application development, maintenance, and e-healthcare.