Database Management & Solutions

Establishing, integrating, and enhancing databases is the foundation of what ITLink does. Your database must provide the ability to manage, analyze, and visualize your operations with forthright results. We deliver the simple and flexible marketing-database solutions you need to manage new customer acquisition efforts while also retaining and growing your existing consumer relationships. ITLink provides you full control over the database environments.

The database schemas sync between development, test and production environments by the expert DBA’s and developer`s efficiency. The integration of the database development and the application development, using ITLink`s integration method to MS TFS, Oracle Enterprise Architecture provide you end-to-end products development life cycle. Our database management and solution lets you organize any type of information, including:

  • Database Creation or Migration
  • Database Administration and Maintenance
  • Manage customers, employees, and merchandises
  • Organize projects, staff assessment
  • Manage Assets, like inventory or your products
  • Store Images, product photos, drawings or videos

database management

The information you store in your database management system can be in the form of text, photos, PDF files, sound files, illustrations-pretty much any information you can store on your computer. ITLink Database Management solution uniquely addresses the validation of all database effects and the creation of cut down, representative test data to reduce test times and data footprints. Data confidentiality is addressed and the unique user-managed data roll-back capability reduces environment downtime, improving testing productivity and accuracy.