eCommerce and eBusiness Solutions

ITLink collaborates with its clients to help them become high performance eCommerce and Database Managements. Our professionals uniquely pair strategic acumen and strong execution capabilities to help clients identify new opportunities, drive process improvements and achieve high performance. ITLink`s Web Solutions offers services geared to make eCommerce web design a viable option to its clients. With our simple, yet effective eCommerce web site design and development products within the client’s website would be attractive and pleasing, as well as customizable, depending on client’s requirements.

Data is the lifeblood of an organization and a valuable enterprise asset. It is, therefore, essential that decision makers can access and depend on quality data to operate confidently in a high-performance environment. ITLink’s Data Management & Architecture group addresses how an organization manages data across its entire life cycle helping clients ensure that data is available, accurate, complete, and secure across the enterprise and with business partners. Effective data management enables better management decisions, reduces risks and enhances productivity and operational efficiency.

  • eCommerce & eBusiness design, development Solution
  • Development of user specific Relational Database Systems
  • Database Management and Design Systems
  • Legacy Database Business Rule Extraction Software
  • Legacy Database Subsystem Checking Software
  • Map Production System using a Geographical Databases
  • Data Security: protection of data and the authorization to use
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