IT Infrastructure Design and Development

Precise Technical infrastructure is required to support your current operations and the growth of your business. Whether you are talking about technical infrastructure for corporate intranets, web infrastructure for web sites and web applications, or both, it can be a challenge to design and develop infrastructure which adequately meets the technical needs of your organization. Often, when we implement new IT solutions and custom applications for our clients, this requires a new infrastructure. Therefore our infrastructure team is an integral part of our process, working to pave the way for our development group. ITLink’s proven infrastructure planning and management delivers clear benefits. Specifically, our process works for your company to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and achieve the highest performance when modernized your infrastructure. Utilize ITLink’s extensive experience assessing, designing and developing technical infrastructure.

  • Determining the technical needs of project sponsors and business stakeholders
  • Reviewing all your major systems, applications, vendors and service providers
  • Assessing your current infrastructure capabilities and technology roadmap
  • Designing a comprehensive infrastructure plan with prioritized risks
  • Technical infrastructure development
  • Technical infrastructure support and maintenance
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ITLink has assessed, designed and developed infrastructure to support everything from messaging and email gateways, to environments for building and deploying web applications, to secure credit card transaction systems, to large scale e-commerce web sites, and beyond. ITLink has the experience and expertise to assess, design, develop and support your technical infrastructure throughout its entire life cycle. ITLink’s IT experience spans a wide array of industries including web/e-commerce, financial, retail, industrial, engineering, pharmaceutical, wholesale/distribution, healthcare and technology sectors. ITLink’s business acumen and business first approach along with a commitment to staying at the leading edge of technology trends ensure you obtain the desired business results.