Enterprise Resource Planning

ITLink’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software started out as a few unrelated programs slapped together to improve various parts of the manufacturing process. The very best ERP systems evolved into highly comprehensive, fully integrated software systems that enable companies to manage the entire manufacturing process from one central location while streamlining operations and improving productivity in ways that were previously not possible.

In essence, ERP software serves as a central communication point, or hub, for all the activities in a manufacturing business. It consists of different modules that handle everything from estimating and quoting work orders, all the way to final delivery and billing. ERP also handles all the financial aspects of work generation, including purchasing, inventory management, HR solution, administrative overhead and all the accounting and financial activities. The end result is a software system that integrates all the essential activities of the business into one nice, neat electronic package. ERP allows companies to:

  • Estimate, quote and bid
  • Manage the shipping and delivery process
  • Assessing your current infrastructure capabilities and technology roadmap
  • Sales and purchase orders
  • Invoices and track accounts receivables
  • Purchase materials, outside resources, services
  • Monitor and manage inventory
  • Schedule people, resources and equipment
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