Strategies to Help Online Learning

Increased enrollment in online programs and courses has prompted a plethora of research on instructional strategies that impact online students’ learning. Most of these strategies came from instructors, and others were solicited from students. While the literature notes that students who have more university experience tend to provide more substantive responses when solicited, there seems to be limited representation of online master’s students’ preferences on what instructional strategies work for them. There is paucity in the literature on how these preferred instructional strategies inform existing theoretical and practical frameworks that could impact online learning performance. This article discusses the Top Ten Instructional Strategies preferred by master’s students who responded to a dissertation survey question – What specific things would you like your online instructors do to help you learn successfully? – and relates these strategies to the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education and the Quality Matters Rubric.

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-Radwan Chowdhury

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